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Straight Bugpin 9 Liner

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
Straight Bugpin 9 Liner
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Looking for a super clean, easy to pull line roughly the size of a nice 7 round? Grab these Straight Bugpin 9 liners and get impressed! They have a subtle quality you cannot get from another grouping with the same line weight. Great for illustrative work!

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
11 bugpin liner

Posted by Christopher M. on Oct 23rd 2018

I love these for traditional and illustrative work. Nice bold line, with crisp edges!

bugpin liners for lining and dot work

Posted by Alejandro P. on Sep 24th 2018

hello guys. I absolutely love your needles. I use mostly the 11 bugpin for dots one by one filling solid black parts. Thanks¡¡

Black Claw needles are the best!

Posted by Cecelia E. on Sep 21st 2018

From the moment I started using them, I knew that was it - such a higher quality than any other needle groupings I’ve ever tried from other brands. These straight bugpin liners are no exception to Black Claw’s superior quality — consistent, great line weight, and a great alternative to normal line groupings.


Posted by Jason C. on Sep 13th 2018

Performed better than any tattoo needles I have used in the past.

bugpin 5 liners

Posted by William W. on Sep 12th 2018

Super quality product. I could tell a huge difference from the needles I had been using immediately. Black claw (especially the bugpins) are super sharp and allow you to line faster and more confidently. If you havent tried these I would highly recommend it. Thank you Grime and Seth!

these changed my mind

Posted by Edward M. on Aug 30th 2018

ill be switching my sizing to the bugpin configuration. Super sharp, tons of ink.

the bees knees

Posted by Robert M. on Aug 29th 2018

best liners ive used so far. consistent and true to its reputation

Straight Buggin’

Posted by Adam P. on Aug 28th 2018

Best I’ve ever used

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