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Straight Bugpin 11 Liner

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
Straight Bugpin 11 Liner
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Wait, 11 needles and yet a line this clean and precise? How did we do it? We used our industry best Bugpins and rocked them in a straight liner for your pleasure. Clean lines and bold, yet still a liner you can be playful with when doing illustrative type work, or varying line weights/calligraphy.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
great purchase

Posted by Nora J. on Jan 17th 2019

so happy with the consistency in each box and beautiful lines they pull


Posted by Sarah W. on Jan 10th 2019

I’ve consistently used the bug pin 5 and 11 liners and they are amazing! Getting more soon as I don’t want to wait for you guys to run out again!

These worked great!

Posted by Michael D. on Jan 9th 2019

Worked great as a replacement for my straight reg. taper needles when they weren't in stock.


Posted by Jack E. on Jan 4th 2019

the only needles i’d ever use - there is a reason they’re the industry standard

Best needles

Posted by Grace P. on Dec 16th 2018

Couldn't ask for a better needle to line with. Definitely worth the price for the quality. Every needle is perfect. Thank you

They saturated real well gave

Posted by Josh B. on Dec 10th 2018

They saturated real well gave me those one hit lines easy.

Straight Bugpin 7's

Posted by Chad G. on Dec 5th 2018

These things are exactly what it says. I perfectly straight seven, but smaller diameter than the awesomely sharp straight 7's. Great needles for those crispy lines!

Game changer

Posted by Kristi W. on Dec 3rd 2018

They weren’t kidding when they said these liners would lay in solid lines off the tip with no effort. I couldn’t believe how dense and flawless a line could be!

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