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Long Taper 15 Curved Magnum

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
Long Taper 15 Curved Magnum
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Like our standard Long Taper magnums, in a curved configuration allowing the artist to more freely play with shading without the worry of catching the edges and leaving unwanted needle marks. These are great for larger work, giving the artist the leeway to be more aggressive when doing big work and still looking like they are carefully calculated masters of black and grey.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality

Posted by Ronald D. on Oct 17th 2018

Great needles,I won’t use anything else.


Posted by Ben M. on Oct 3rd 2018

been using the long taper curved mags lately, it seems to me that the color goes in faster (fewer holidays), black and gray is easier to get smooth, and both are healing better as well!

Long Taper Curved Mags

Posted by Lance T. on Oct 1st 2018

Black Claw long taper curved mags are the best of their class in the business. They are the only needles that I will use for large scale black and gray shading. Not only does it give me comfort in knowing that they are the safest for my clients, being lead free and 316L surgical steel needles, but also they allow me to always easily apply smooth shading with great results. Hands down, the best needles that I’ve used in over 25 years of tattooing.

Amazing Quality!!

Posted by Mark G. on Sep 9th 2018

All of our artists swear these are the best needles we've ever used. They must be popular since many needles are out-of-stock. The lack of consistent availability has, unfortunately, forced use to switch to another brand. We are hopeful supply will someday meet demand and we can return.

Best regards,
All-Star Tattoo Co.LLC

Excellent Quality

Posted by Justin S. on Sep 9th 2018

I trust the standard of quality in these needles. Excellent!


Posted by Craig D. on Sep 1st 2018


Best Premades Out There

Posted by Shanty J. on Sep 1st 2018

Love them! Closest I've found to the ones we used to spend hours making. Consistent quality through the entire box, smooth shading, no complaints.


Posted by Joshua K. on Aug 26th 2018

I love the long tapered mags from black claw because they will do anything you need them to. I can easily get Smith black and grey with them, yet also push powdered pigment if I need to. Less trauma to the skin and smooth blends? No reason to try any other company. I will always stick with black claw. Thanks Seth and grime!

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