Hybrid to Round

Black Claw is reaching out with an important name change for all HYBRID products, which will be labeled ROUND as of Summer 2024. There is ZERO change to the products themselves.


While the current HYBRID labeling reflected what I felt the style of needles did well - use as liners or shaders - it was confusing for many tattooers, and possibly detracted from these needles being used as much as tattooers might actually enjoy them. We had labeled them HYBRID because of their amazing flexibility to do a huge variety of use, including legit color packing ability a little better than the average round, with their medium taper, textured pins. Now they will just be folded into the ROUND liner category to keep things simple: round liners and magnums. So, for example, the HYBRID Hollow 8 will now be labeled Medium Taper 8 Hollow Round. Same needle, same tat magic.


Black Claw will be making this permanent name change to all HYBRID products, including all HYBRID needle on bar and HYBRID cartridges, coming soon. Beginning this summer, all HYBRID products will be referred to and found listed on all Black Claw e-commerce stores as ROUND. Nothing about the products will change. You can expect the exact same surgical grade 316L steel and Grime design as you always have.

All HYBRID products will begin transitioning to ROUND labeled packaging starting Summer 2024 and will transition fully over the course of the following few months. This may mean that some packaging for select groupings will reflect the ROUND (not Hybrid) labeling sooner and some later. Be confident that, regardless of the packaging label as HYBRID or ROUND, the product is the EXACT SAME.

Black Claw will continue to provide updates to ensure you can always find, order and receive your favorite Black Claw products.

Below is a complete list of all products impacted by this change with the current and new ROUND name, which will begin going live this Summer 2024. Be on the lookout for exact dates and more information coming soon.

Needle On Bar Current Name NEW ROUND NAME Summer 2024
Loose 5 Hybrid Medium Taper 5 Round
Loose 7 Hybrid Medium Taper 7 Round
Loose 9 Hybrid Medium Taper 9 Round
Cartridge Current Name NEW ROUND NAME Summer 2024
Medium Taper 6 Hollow Hybrid Cartridge Medium Taper 6 Hollow Round Cartridge
Medium Taper 8 Hollow Hybrid Cartridge Medium Taper 8 Hollow Round Cartridge
Long Taper 8 Hollow Hybrid Cartridge Straight 8 Hollow Round Cartridge
Long Taper 10 Hollow Hybrid Cartridge Straight 10 Hollow Round Cartridge